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Cheap Calls Abroad from fix and mobile

Willing to make cheap calls abroad from the UK? has made international dialling extremely cheap. Now you can make cheap international calls from your fix and mobile and reduce your telecom expenses quite easy. Do you have a telephone at hand? Then, you can use immediately. is directly accessible from all phones: fix, mobiles and payphones. No need for expensive prepaid phone cards anymore.
  • No registration
  • No pre-payment
  • No account to open
  • No credit cards
  • No contract

How much does it cost exactly?

When calling from a mobile, depending on your mobile network and calling plan, certain access numbers can be definitely useful to make cheap or even free calls abroad from mobile: Yet, we advise you to get in touch with your mobile operator in advance to double-check this information. We cannot guarantee that this information is up to date since rates and calling plans of mobile operators vary significantly overtime. Be aware that other access numbers are usually heavily surcharged when calling from a mobile.
When calling from a landline your call will be charged just at our rate. Your telecom provider will only apply a connection fee: BT applies a minimum connection fee of 5,4p per call only if the cost of the call is less than 5,4p. NTL charges 5p and Telewest charges 6p for 08-numbers and 10p for 09-numbers:
Connection fee (only when applicable) + Number of seconds x Rate/60 seconds
Calls are billed per seconds. VAT is already included.
Example from a BT landline:
A 30 seconds call via our 5p/min access number would cost you 2,5p: the cost of the call is 2,5p which is less than the minimum connection fee and so BT will charge the 5,4p minimum. But if the call lasts 10 minutes, the cost will be 50p. As this total is above the minimum, nothing extra is added. The calls to our access number will conveniently appear in your regular phone bill. That's all you pay.
Making cheap phone calls abroad was never so easy. Now you don't have to pay for expensive international calling cards anymore.
gives you a tariff announcement based on the rate that applies when calling from a BT landline. This way you can always control your costs and make substantial savings on phone bill.

Find out how easy it is to make cheap international phone calls

Just follow two simple steps to make extremely cheap overseas calls with .
  1. Dial the access number associated with the destination you wish to call. To get to know the access numbers and destinations available click on cheap telephone calls pricing list
  2. At the prompt, enter the number you wish to call. That's all.
Make sure that you do not forget the country code even for calls to mobiles or landlines within the UK.
When calling to landlines or mobiles within the UK, remember to leave out the leading zero '0' of the area code or mobile number: e.g. for dialling a UK mobile 0044 7xy xyx xyx
Click on international dialling codes to get a list of our rates and access numbers per each country

Will I receive an invoice from ?

You will not receive a bill from . Your calls will conveniently appear on your regular phone bill. There are no additional costs, no extra bills and VAT is already included.